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LLDPE stretch films

Linear low-density polyethylene stretch films are produced with CAST co-extrusion technology in 5 layers and are available in two versions: for automatic use on wrapping machines and for manual use.

The machine types are available in different pre-stretch grades ranging from 120% to 360%.
The manual type is available in reels of various sizes; with flush or protruding from one or both sides cardboard cores.

These films are the most efficient solution for any package, including the most sharp-edged one, with their excellent elongation properties, elastic memory and high puncture resistance.

Available on request: in different colours, with additives, UV treatment, internal cling version and high external slip version.
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LDPE shrink films

Low-density polyethylene shrink films are produced using blown co-extrusion technology.

In addition to bundling, shrink films are available in tubular version, pallet covers, top sheets and shrink hoods in different sizes and colours.

These films are suitable for the most varied uses, they are versatile and can be used on any packaging machine, from automatic to manual. 

They are particularly recommended for multiple packages and for high-speed sealing where excellent planarity and stiffness are required.

Stretch hood

Our stretch hoods are an innovative solution for packaging and protection of palletised loads, as
they do not require use of thermal sources for retraction, while their characteristics ensure excellent compactness and stability of the palletised units during transportation.

These elastic gussetted tubulars are cold-stretched on the pallet with use of specific machinery equipped with mechanical clamps.

They are perfect for large scale production lines where high packaging speed is essential.

Film xplus - film xmax light core

X-plus 12my is a perfect stretch film for lightweight pallet packaging.

This category of stretch films provides unparalleled load holding force, higher performance, no width reduction, reduced consumption, and reduced environmental impact.

X-plus stretch films are available in 16 kg rolls, for the automatic version and in the following dimensions for the manual version: mm 500 x 12my x 400m.

Upon request, Xplus is also available in 9my, manual version: mm 500 x 9my x 500m.

Pre-stretched films

The pre-stretched film is particulary suitable for wrapping machines without pre-stretching unit and for manual wrapping.

It is recommended especially for the packaging of fragile and easily deformable goods thanks to the combination of rigidity, puncture resistance and low thickness.

Its technical properties grant stable packaging, significant savings in terms of material, better efficiency thanks to lighter rolls, and greater respect for the environment, due to economical use of the film.

It is available in rolls of standardised thicknesses and lengths.


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