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Innovation in polyethylene films, NolanPlastica since 1975

Quality and service guarantee all over the world.

Our key objective is to continuously improve the quality of our polyethylene films
in order to offer our customers an increasingly performing product. 
 Nolanplastica was born in 1975 on the initiative of Giovambattista La Marca who was able to bring the company from local to international scale with his infallible intuition inspired by the principles of innovation, quality and internationalisation.

Nowadays Nolanplastica Group is one of the major industrial companies operating in the global market of flexible packaging with two branches outside Italy, over 150 employees, a number of sales offices and a network of agents covering all Italian territory.

MEDFILM SARL is the group's associated company, with two plants located in Tunisia, one in Bizerte and one in Menzel Bourguiba. Both plants are equipped with high-tech machinery aiming at the highest quality and contained costs, ensuring greater competitiveness in the global market.

Stretch films in LLDPE

Linear low-density polyethylene stretch films are produced with 5-layer CAST co-extrusion technology and are available in two versions: for automatic use on wrapping machines and for manual use.


LDPE shrink Film

Low-density polyethylene shrink films are produced with blowing co-extrusion technology.

Shrink films are available in tubular version, (precut and not), pallet covers, top sheets and shrink hoods in various sizes and thicknesses.


Our stretch hoods are an innovative solution for cold packaging of industrial goods.

Their characteristics ensure excellent compactness and stability of the pallet during transportation.


X-PLUS Stretch films

X-plus 12my is a perfect stretch film for packaging of lightweight palletised units.

The x-plus guarantees load holding force along with lower consumption and reduced environmental impact.

Pre-stretched films

Pre-stretched films are suitable for wrapping machines without pre-stretch unit.

Suitable for packaging of fragile materials and lightweight pallets, it is a valid alternative to the use of traditional stretch films.

Sustainable future

NolanPlastica has always had at heart the environment and eco-sustainable development.
This is the reason why we seek high standards of efficiency and respect for resources in our manufacturing processes.
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Experimentation and innovation

Computerisation of all company processes, adoption of the most advanced extrusion technologies for cast and blown films manufacturing, process control and dosage control of various components, use of carefully selected resins, are the elements that allow us to produce high performance packaging films.

“Man was born to create. Human vocation is to imagine, invent and dare new challenges.”


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